0 72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump in Pumps from Home Improvement

0 72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump in Pumps from Home Improvement
0 72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump in Pumps from Home Improvement
0 72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump in Pumps from Home Improvement
0 72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump in Pumps from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Usage: Air Pump

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Structure: Diaphragm Pump

Pressure: High Pressure

Power: Electric

Application: Metering

Model Number: MS-QD

Pressure ratio: 1:1

Using air pressure range: 0.15-0.7mpa

The highest use coating stress: 0.72Mpa

The measure of the spit out: 18L/min

The largest use paint viscosity: 100second/NK-2 blew/300cp blew

Using the temperature range: 5~40 C

Air supply mouth: G3/8B/ PF3/8 Internal thread

Coating suction: G3/4B/PF3/4 Internal thread

Material: Aluminum alloy

Type : Diaphragm Reciprocating Pump

Fuel: pneumatic


0.72Mpa Small Paint Coating Ink Pump Diaphragm Pump


 Pressure ratio



 Using air pressure range



 The highest use coating stress



 The measure of the spit out



 The largest use paint viscosity

 100second/NK-2 blew

 300cp blew

Using the temperature range



 Air supply mouth


 PF3/8 Internal thread

 Coating suction


 PF3/4 Internal thread

Standard configuration:a machine,a shelf,absorb tube,suction mouth,a pressure gauge, a manual one.

- Apply to chemical industry high,medium and low variety of all kinds of acid,alkali and corrosive fluid viscosity,benzene, ketones and esters conveying of various kinds of solvents,Because no electricity in our pneumatic diaphragm pump work does not produce electric spark,no heat generation and accumulation, safety explosion-proof.

Used in fine chemical industry in a variety of precious liquid,high harmfulness,high corrosion resistance and other dangerous material transportation,because we have no dynamic seal structure of pneumatic diaphragm pump,completely separated from the outside world, and no material leakage on the ground without a foundation,is very small,easy to install and the economy.




A Study of Static Strain Aging of Selected Ferritic Steels

Jun 7, 2017 ... Two low carbon steels with small difference of production history and EN 1.4003 ... The purpose of the heat treatments was to simulate the paint baking ... from 0% to 10% when baked at 170°C, while it decreased from 72 MPa ...

US5021469A - Binder for aqueous gloss paints - Google Patents

The inventive vehicle, or binder, for water based gloss paints contains, dispersed in a ... if the latex particles of the emulsion polymer are of small size, the core material is hard and the .... is below 70° C. and preferably ranges from 0° to 50° C . is characteristic for the shell material. ..... The viscosity of the latex was 72 mPa.s .

The physical and mechanical properties of magnesium oxychloride ...

compressive strength of 0,72 MPa, whereas addition of micro-silica caused ... grease or paints, has high fire resistance, low thermal conductivity and good resistance to ... for increased water-tightness of concrete based on SC, small amount of ...


Oct 5, 1978 ... to calculate Small's number [8] Si and the 6, were obtained by 6, ... Solute rejection us. solubility paraxneter: cellulose acetate, 1,72MPa, 23-2fpC;. 0 [15],. .... H. Burrell, J. Paint Technol., 27 (1955) 726); C. M. Hansen, Ind. Eng.

Copper Tubing Africa

Tubing marked “CTA...mm OD SABS 460 class 0 BN......” ..... of cement, paint or tape gum are found on the surface to be joined. ... For the best results use a small ... The safe working stress (f) for a hard drawn tube at 65°C is charted at 72 MPa.

Channel cracking in inelastic film/substrate systems - ScienceDirect

For a small flaw the energy release rate (ERR), G, is given by standard textbooks as. (1) G = 1.6 ( 1 ..... The ERR is calculations for a given strain ε using a unit film thickness h0. The film ..... With τ0 = 72 MPa (Fig. .... M.E. NicholsAnticipating paint cracking: the application of fracture mechanics to the study of paint weathering.

Kerabond Kerabond

Jun 14, 2010 ... >250 psi (1,72 MPa) at 28 days. 290 to 360 psi (2 to 2,48 MPa). ANSI A118.1 – shear strength, quarry tile to quarry tile. >100 psi (0,69 MPa) at ...

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Jul 30, 2003 ... Paint bake hardening is essentially the strain aging increment found after forming and ...... relatively small strength increase produced by work hardening can be ...... same processing condition, with the maximum of 72 MPA for Mo-B steel .... strained condition (0%, 2% or 5% in our case) to the “paint-baked” ...

Anticorrosive behavior of a zinc-rich epoxy coating containing ...

A commercial anticorrosion paint of industrial steel structure containing 30 ... By comparison, a pure zinc-rich epoxy coating without SPANi was named “SPANi-0” . ..... However, for the SPANi-2.0 sample, a small range of corrosion diffusion and  ...

Nanotechnology in Concrete Materials

It's difficult to imagine just how small that is, so here are some examples (www. nano.gov): ..... A compressive strength of 72 MPa was attained after 42 days for OPC ...... Photocatalytic Properties of Cement-Based Plasters and Paints Containing.

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Verification of Stationary ...

totally broken up into small droplets. Figure 2 provides a .... 6 Cleaning width vs. standoff distance for epoxy-based paint removal with sapphire nozzle no. ... 0. •. Experimental, P = 242 MPa. Analytical. Experimental,P = 1 72 MPa. Analytical.

Loctite® Vibra-Seal® Pre-Applied Thread Seal by Long-Lok ...

Long-Lok can coat entire parts (frequently done on smaller fasteners) or can apply Vibra-Seal ... 10,400 psi (72 MPa) ... 243 lb-ins (27.5 N•m), 0 lb-ins (0 N•m).

China Waterproof Marine Plywood for Container Floor - China ...

Reverse veneers with only a few small knots or discolorations. 3. A/BB------Face as A but reverse ... Ready-to-paint surfaces for constructions 8. High-end loud ... Bonding Strength, above 0.72 MPa and below 1.75 MPa. Certification, SGS, FSC  ...

Royal Air Force's First P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft ...

Jun 23, 2019 ... The UK Royal Air Force (RAF)'s first Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft has been painted in RAF colors and is undergoing ...

Industrial-Graded Epoxy Nanocomposites with Mechanically ...

Oct 24, 2017 ... methods are suitable to prepare small batches, and require time consuming .... and marked with white dots using acrylic paint to aid the strain measurement. ... The compressive tests were performed with pristine resin (0 phr), 0.1, 0.2, ..... We measure between 3.640 and 3.890 GPa and 74 and 72 MPa for.

Predicted Process Graph using τ max =72 MPa, μ i =0.4 and μ t =0.2 ...

Predicted Process Graph using τ max =72 MPa, μ i =0.4 and μ t =0.2 ..... Initial images are taken from the real specimens, which are all painted ... )dt N = 0( 19) The latter equation can be integrated if a relationship between σ y and p can ... can be investigated through an axisymmetric pull-out test, however, R must be small ...

Instruction Manual Farr Gold Series® Dust Collector

maintenance of the Farr Gold Series GSP1 Mini ..... compressed air between 0,62 and 0,72 MPa. (6 and 7 .... prolong the life of painted surfaces and make them.

Phase equilibrium of two CO2+ biodegradable oil systems up to 72 ...

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Phase equilibrium of two CO2+ biodegradable oil systems up to 72 MPa | A setup based on a static visual synthetic method for ...

Nonlinear Inelastic Mechanical Behavior Of Epoxy Resin Polymeric ...

Small sized cubic, prismatic, and cylindrical samples were used in compression tests. Flexural ...... effect of strain gage on the premature failure in characterization of E 862. 0. 0.1. 0.2. 0.3. 0.4 ... counterpart (~ 81MPa compared with ~ 72MPa). ...... This was done by first applying a white base coat with spray paint followed by.

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