5 Pieces Lot Dental Lab Tool Dental Diamond Cutting Solid Disc for Gold Steel Ceramics Fast Cutting Plaster Disc in Teeth Whitening from Beauty Health

5 Pieces Lot Dental Lab Tool Dental Diamond Cutting Solid Disc for Gold Steel Ceramics Fast Cutting Plaster Disc in Teeth Whitening from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Teeth Whitening

Size: Moderate

Model Number: ISO Standard

Ingredient: Diamond Coated

Brand Name: YXAZCM

NET WT: 50-300g

Product name: Dental Diamond Cutting Disc Grinding Wheels

Quality: High Quality with ISO Standard

Application: Dental laboratory tools

Usage: Dental Lab For Metal Alloy Ceramics plastic. Polishing

Diameter: 85 mm

Height: 30 mm

Package: 5 Pieces/Lot



5 Pieces/Lot Dental Lab Tool Dental Diamond Cutting Solid Disc for Gold Steel Ceramics Fast Cutting Plaster Disc


Product Feature:

  • Dental Diamond Disc: 
    Divide,separate,fabricate,contour,shape of dental restorative materials; 
    for ceramic, gold, steel 
Moulded Shape Usage
  • A / Am  :  Solid disc; 
  •                 For ceramics, gold, steel, plastic veneers, all chrome-cobalt alloys including Vitallium;
  • B / Bm   : Perforated disc, 8 holes, in standard diamond grit; 
  •                For rough pre-cutting, separating and contouring of ceramics, model Preparation
  • C / Cm   Diagonal serrated disc; 
  •                For separating ceramic, plaster, acrylics, resin veneers;
  • E / Em  : Vented disc, oblique slotted disc;
  •                High removal capacity, high flexibility, provides good visibility, avoids                         grinding-facets;
  • F          :  Disc with oval shaped perforations, provides good visibility;                                            For the separation and contouring of ceramics;
  •                Soft work at high levels of material removal, high flexibility;
  • H / Hm  : Sieve disc;
  •                For separating and contouring of ceramics, acrylics and plaster;             
  •                Flexible, with good vision result;             
  •                High material reduction and smooth grinding performance;
  • I / Im   : Tight toothing, spindle perforated; provides good visibility;
  •                Higher cutting efficiency achieved with using toothed cutting edge                             configuration;
  • J / Jm  : Diagonal serrated, vented disc;
  •                Peripheral and distal cutting, good visibility
  • N          : Mini saw disc;
  •                For separating ceramic, plaster, acrylics, resin veneers;                                               High cutting effciency.
  • Diameter : 85 mm 
  • Height :  30 mm 
  • Coating Sides : Double side
Packing List:
5 Pieces/lot Diamond Disc






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